Director of Advancement

LaMonte Coleman

The CSCA Director of Advancement is tasked with directing and developing events and programs which will enhance and promote the future growth and development of Coral Springs Christian Academy. These events and programs will increase awareness; positive image and support from the CSCA community and the community at large.

Coral Springs Christian Academy is pleased to have Mr. LaMonte Coleman as their Director of Advancement.  His experience, education and career make him the right choice for this very important position at our school.

Much of LaMonte’s life has been filled with and defined by football.  At a young age, it became apparent he had exceptional skills which would serve him well.  Throughout his playing career, he has achieved great success, including signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League in 1995 as a running back.  LaMonte was a member of the Pittsburgh Steeler team which made it to Super Bowl XXX.

Although football was a significant part of his life, it was not the only part, or even the most important part.  LaMonte loves the Lord Jesus Christ, his family and serving the Lord.  LaMonte and his wife Shavonne are proud parents of CSCA students Christopher in kindergarten and Kennedy in 4th grade.

He is also passionate about education, in particular, Christian education.  A graduate of The Ohio State University, he is currently pursuing advanced degrees in the fields of educational and athletic management and administration.  Since his arrival in South Florida, he has been involved in education, working on the high school level as a teacher and administrator and on the college level, working for Keiser University in the area of admissions.

Perhaps his best training for this position came when he retired from the National Football League and the Arena Football League to become the owner and General Manager of the Marion Blue Racers.  A member of the Continental Indoor Football League, LaMonte developed strong skills in many areas including donor cultivation and recruitment, product placement and sales, marketing, finances and fundraising.  Since selling the team and moving here to South Florida, his skills for a position such as this have been furthered developed as he has spent the past few seasons working for the Miami Dolphin Football team as a member of their VIP Guest Relations team.

2016/2017 Advancement

Picture a young man, a young man in uniform.  He is a student at the United States Naval Academy.  You listen to him talk and you realize this young man is both bright, articulate and has real personality.  You listen intently to his words as he recalls what has influenced his life and helped to make him the man he is today…

Now picture a beautiful young woman on the street of England.  She begins to speak and she too is articulate, warm and friendly.  She stands in front of the University of Oxford, she begins to tell you how she is studying abroad this year and she wants to tell you what has influenced her life and made an impact on her…

Now a third picture, this young man is confident, well-spoken and funny.  He sits on a couch in a college dorm room in Georgia.  He begins to speak and reminisce about the things in his life which have helped him to become not only a stellar student, but a young man who loves the Lord and his family.

As he shares you hear something familiar, you have heard it before, it is a theme from all three of these young people.  The message they each share, their love for Coral Springs Christian Academy.  Each of these students is an alumni of CSCA!

If you attended the CSCA Cornerstone Banquet you heard the testimonies of Dean Williams, Jessica Monteiro and Austin Cantrell.  They each shared in their own words how CSCA has impacted their lives and helped them to become who they are today.

Just as they did in their testimonies, I would also like to thank the CSCA Community, for you incredible support and encouragement for more than forty-five years!

Over the past month, CSCA held its 3rd Annual CSCA Cornerstone Banquet and brought back the Crusader Classic Golf Event.  Both events were a real success and enjoyed by all who participated.  I want to especially thank all of you who have already made contributions to the 2016 CSCA Annual Fund.

The goal of the 2016 CSCA Annual Fund is to raise $100,000.00.  The monies raised will be used to reach our strategic initiatives and special projects for the year.  Several initiatives and goals have already been reached, such as the addition of a new Jazz Band, robotics and STEAM programs in both the Upper School and Lower School.

If you would like to give, please click on the link below or contact us directly.  You can reach either my assistant Jayne Barnhill at or myself at

In advance, I want to thank you for your continued support, encouragement and prayers!
Serving Him,

Joseph E. Sanelli


2016/2017 Advancement Events:


  1. CSCA Run For Education: May 5th, 2017 – Click here to donate online, or download the flyer to donate by check  [RFE Flyer]
  2. USA Football FUNdamentals Camp Hosted by LaMonte Coleman:  May 20th, 2017;  9am – 3pm – FREE Football Camp
  3. Annual Fund – You may give throughout the year using the form below.
  4. Annual Crusader Classic Golf Tournament –  The Annual Crusader Golf Tournament was held on Nov. 4th.
  5. CSCA Cornerstone Banquet – “Imprints” – The CSCA Cornerstone Banquet was held on October 22nd.  There are still opportunities to Donate to the Annual Fund – See Donation Opportunities below)

CSCA Annual Fund

The CSCA Annual Fund is designed to raise dollars, above and beyond our yearly tuition and fees, which are used to achieve our strategic initiatives.  These initiatives include continuing in educational excellence, developing and supporting an exceptional faculty, maintaining a Christ-centered environment, improving facilities, enhancing our technology and solidifying our financial strength.  In addition to fulfilling these strategic initiatives and goals, we seek to raise funds which will allow us to complete special projects related to technology, academics, athletics and fine arts. The goal for the 2016/17 Annual Fund is $100,000.00.  Please pray and consider giving as generously as you possibly can. This is a major goal, but we know our God is faithful and He can do all things!   DONOR LEVELS:
  • SHIELD LEVEL $1,000
  • SWORD LEVEL $500
  • RED / BLUE LEVEL $250
  • FRIENDS of CSCA $50
Please select the amount from the drop down menu below that matches your donor level.    
Donor Information

On behalf of the students, staff and families of Coral Springs Christian Academy, we want to thank you for your support of our school!

Joseph E. Sanelli, M.Div., M.Ed.

Head of School

954-840-1155 office

Advancement Update

April 2016
Please click the link below for the latest CSCA Advancement Update

Strategic Plan

Coral Springs Christian Academy’s Strategic Plan for the years 2013 – 2018 emphasizes the following:

  • Educational Excellence
  • Exceptional Faculty
  • Christ-Centered Environment
  • Improved Facilities
  • Enhanced Technology
  • Solidified Financial Strength

Click the link below to read the complete Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan 2013-2018