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CSCA Upper School Chorus

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” -Colossians 3:16

God created music as a means of worship to Him.  At CSCA, students glorify God by discovering and developing skills and proficiency in music. The choral program provides students with a foundation in vocal skills, music literacy, ensemble singing and the development of critical and aesthetic responses to music that is structured around a biblical worldview.  Emphasis is placed on:

  • Healthy and expressive singing
  • Choral and ensemble performance techniques
  • Sight Reading and Ear Training
  • Music Theory
  • Elements and Characteristics of Music from different styles & periods
  • Performance Analysis
  • Opportunities to perform in various settings

Students in grades 7-12 that are enrolled in a CSCA Chorus have the opportunity to audition for the Florida All-State Chorus.  (See All-State Chorus Tab)  This entails a Musicianship & Sight Reading Exam in late September and a Vocal Audition in late October.  Students that are admitted into an All-State Chorus perform in Tampa at the Music Educators Conference in January.  CSCA Chorus students have been admitted into the All-State Women’s Chorus, Men’s Chorus, Concert Mixed Chorus and Reading Chorus.

There are many performance opportunities throughout the year that include a Christmas musical, district and state choral adjudications, an overnight trip to Clearwater for the ACSI Music Festival, singing the national anthem at a Marlins game, a hymns concert in the spring, and performances throughout the year for special events.

Monica Colón

Upper School Choral Director

(954) 840-1122



Monica Colón graduated from Nyack College in Nyack, New York with a Bachelors of Music in Music Education.  She has been teaching for 14 years and has taught in New York City as well as Christian private schools.  She is grateful for the opportunity to invest in the lives of the young men and women at Coral Springs Christian Academy through the gift of music.  The CSCA Concert Chorus has received superior ratings at the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) Music Festival and the District 15 Music Performance Assessment under her direction.  CSCA Chorus students have also gained entrance into the Florida All-State Reading Chorus, Concert Mixed Chorus, Women’s Chorus, and Men’s Chorus.  Her students have been accepted into various schools of music such as AMDA Conservatory (American Musical and Dramatic Academy), Frost School of Music (University of Miami), Rollins College, University of Central Florida and Jacksonville University, to name a few.  Her passion is using choral studies and vocal performance as a venue for students to know God and glorify Him.


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  • Students MUST be enrolled in a Chorus class (Grades 7-12)
  • Registration: All students must provide the following information to be registered to audition for the Florida All-State Chorus:
  1. First and Last Name
  2. Voice Part (Example: Soprano 2)
  3. Sight-Reading Chorus?
  4. Grade Level
  5. Height
  6. Address
  7. Home Telephone
  8. Student Cell Phone #
  9. Emergency Contact and Telephone
  • Fee: Students must bring $12 in cash or by check no later than Thursday, September 1st. If you are bringing cash, please note that no change will be provided so it must be the exact cash amount. Checks need to be made out to CSCA and you need to write “All-State Chorus” in the memo.
  • Contracts: Students will be provided with two required contracts- the “FVA All State Audition Contract” and the “FMEA All-State Concerts Participant’s Contract.” Both contracts MUST be signed by all parties indicated on each contract and brought to Mrs. Colón no later than Thursday, September 1st.


Musicianship/Sight-Reading Exam

  • Musicianship Test: This is a written test comprised of vocabulary, rhythm, interval and chord recognition, meter or time signature, key signature and symbol identification. This portion of the audition will be graded immediately upon completion.  Students must score at least a 70% in order to qualify for the Sight Reading portion of the audition.

This portion will constitute 30% of the student’s overall score.

  • Sight-Reading: Students will be given five different exercises to sight-sing. You may sing the notes by using a neutral syllable (la), solfege (do, re, mi) or numbers.  Students are not allowed to hum or whistle the exercise.  A minimum of 10 measures out of 40 must be sight-read correctly in order to pass this portion of the exam.

•  You will be given 10 seconds to silently study exercise #1, 20 seconds to study exercises #2, #3, and #4 and 30 seconds to silently study exercise #5

You are allowed to redo one exercise.  If you wish to start over a particular exercise, you may request to do so only once and immediately following that exercise.  Students may not go back to a previous exercise.  Please note, however, the judges will not rate the better of the two exercises performed.  They will judge you on the second time the exercise is performed, should you request a redo.

This portion will constitute 35% of a student’s overall score.

  1. Schedule:

   9:00 a.m.           MS& HS Musicianship Test begins

MS & HS Sight-Reading exam will take place immediately after the Musicianship Exam upon obtaining a passing score.


Vocal Audition

  • Fee: Students will be responsible to purchase the sheet music for the Vocal Audition and the rehearsal tracks for their voice part. Prices vary according to the Chorus the student is auditioning for.  The total price is approximately $35.
  • Preparation: Students will receive sheet music and a CD containing individual voice parts for the repertoire selected for the All-State Chorus in the beginning of October. Each student will be responsible for the learning of their voice part for the Vocal Audition.  Colón will provide students with assistance regarding dynamics, interpretation, etc. but the majority of the work will be the student’s responsibility.
  • Vocal Audition Process: Each student will be required to sing two vocalizes prior to the voice part portion. Each student’s vocal audition will be recorded and submitted to a panel of qualified judges who will then evaluate and score their vocal performance.  Students will be notified in advance of one of the songs that will be used to test their knowledge of the required repertoire.  Students will be asked to perform excerpts of two of the remaining 5 pieces of music the day of the vocal audition.
  • Scoring: Students will be judged on their tone quality and musical effect in the following manner: 4 (consistently), 3(often), 2 (sometimes) or 1 (rarely) in each category.

This portion will constitute 35% of a student’s overall score.


Web & Computer Study Guides


Entrance into a Florida All-State Chorus


Acceptance into a Florida All-State Chorus will entail traveling to Tampa from January 11-14, 2017 to represent our school at the Florida Music Educator’s Conference. Students will spend the majority of the week in rehearsals and their trip will culminate in a performance for an audience of thousands of people on Saturday, January 14, 2017.  Please note that while we will try our best to provide financial assistance for the hotel accommodations of students representing our school at this event, it is not a guarantee.  All expenses for food and related costs will be the sole responsibility of each student’s family.

FORMAL WEAR (High School Only!)

At Coral Springs Christian Academy, we purpose to glorify God through excellence in all that we do.  One of the essential components of performing arts is presentation.  A uniform appearance helps establish a professional look to any group of performers, especially for choral competitions and adjudications. As a result, all students in the CSCA High School Chorus will need to purchase formal wear.

We have selected a quality dress and tuxedo at a reasonable price at Southeastern Performance Apparel (www.sepapparel.com ). The dress (Ostinato Dress) & jewelry are $85 and the tuxedos (Marcata vest, Marcata long tie, Wing Collar Tux Shirt, and Adjustable Flat Front Pants – does not include jacket) are $85 as well.  The dresses will have a temporary hem and we ask that the ladies get properly hemmed with the shoes they will be wearing for performances.  The tuxedo pants will not arrive with a hem.  Gentlemen will need to have their pants hemmed properly to suit their individual measurements.  All students are responsible for the hemming of their formal wear.

All formal wear will remain in the possession of each student.  Therefore, it will be the student’s responsibility to make sure that it is in proper condition for all performances throughout the school year.

In addition to the formal wear, students will need to purchase a CSCA Chorus t-shirt for informal performances held throughout the year.  The cost of the t-shirt is $15.

Payment for chorus attire can be submitted directly to me.  All checks are to be made to CSCA with “HS Chorus Formal Wear” written in the memo section.  We ask that full payment be made at your earliest convenience but no later than Friday, September 2nd.


The CSCA Fine Arts Department is grateful for the active members in our community who desire to promote the arts through participation in the program as well as provide financial support. Through your contribution you are aligning yourself with the vision of the program and promoting its continued growth and development. Please note that all monetary gifts to the Fine Arts Department are tax deductible. Simply click on the link below, and select “Fine Arts” from the drop down menu labeled “Area of Interest to Donate To”.

Give an Online, Tax-Deductible Gift to the Fine Arts Department.




How do donations help the Fine Arts Department at CSCA?

Your financial support helps the Fine Arts Department purchase multiple items, such as sound equipment, stage lighting, curtains and other larger items that are not covered through the school’s budget. It is our goal to continue to provide excellent programming that is beneficial to the students and glorifies God.

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Lower School Music

The Lower School Music classes center on the belief of God and His gift of music taking Christian dominion in this area as a form of worship to Him. Christian and secular music is used to build foundational music concepts and in performance with a Christian worldview. Students in Early Education and Lower School will be introduced to singing and will perform with various rhythm instruments, a varied repertoire of music. Lower and upper elementary students will progress in rhythm reading, notating, and sight reading and playing tonal instruments. Students will be exposed to music of different cultures and their historical relevance. Further, students will begin to analyze and describe music in different forms.  They will also, study different cultural and stylistic aspects of Christian music as well as its form and relation to their culture. All students will be introduced to stage etiquette, age appropriate vocal techniques, and performance direction. There are various performance opportunities throughout the school year at each grade level, which may be viewed below.


Junior Crusader Chorus is an Academic Enhancement and consists of student’s enrolled first and second grade who desire to enrich their singing experience with more challenging music and added performances. Our Junior Chorus was established to incorporate younger elementary students to develop the prerequisite skills necessary to enter and gain success in performance and competitions that are part of the 4th and 5th Grade Crusader Chorus Through this medium we also seek to guide students to pursue musical excellence with the gifts and talents God has given them so that they may glorify God and share the Good News of Jesus through the choral arts.

Junior Chorus is a fun, positive channel through which they can expressly vocalize their musical gifting. The chorus meets one time per week where students are exposed to a variety of musical genres. They learn vocal techniques, Sing unaccompanied, accompanied unison songs and simple two-part songs, folksongs and traditional children songs, hymns and spirituals. They learn valuable lessons about teamwork and self-discipline, which enables them to understand and demonstrate outstanding rehearsal and performance behavior. At this level the foundation is laid for students as they are pre-trained for varying musical endeavors, students gain self-confidence, meet friends, learn life-long skills, and take pride in their accomplishments. These skills also help develop social skills and acceptable behaviors that are consistent with the mission and vision of our school.

As members of JCC, first through second grade students are afforded the opportunity to perform at school functions (Country Fair, Christmas programs, special Chapels and correspondingly represent our school at external events annually.

CSCA Fourth and Fifth Grade Crusader Chorus (CCC)

The CSCA Fourth and Fifth Grade Crusader Chorus is a continuation of the musical excellence of what the Junior Crusader Chorus has laid its foundations in.  This Chorus is also an academic enhancement within the Lower School Fine Arts program. God’s gift of music as part of a team is emphasized, using the member’s individual talents to form a unified blended sound. The primary focus is to prepare its students for part choral singing, choreography and theater arts in order to participate in adjudicated events, All County Honor Chorus and All State Elementary Chorus. Chorus members are trained in music both Christian and secular. The CSCA Fourth and Fifth Grade Chorus members also prepare for their own grade level performances and other CSCA functions; Country Fair, Christmas programs, special chapels, as well as community outreach events. All of the disciplines carried forward from the JCC and new ones introduced are keeping consistent with the mission and vision CSCA.  Their growth musically and spiritually is fostered as they take their God given talents to the next level, as they move on to middle school.

ASCI Elementary/Middle Music Festival

All students who are members of the CSCA Fourth and Fifth Grade Crusader Chorus participate in the ACSI Elementary/Middle Music Festival each year. This festival has been hosted by CSCA for the past nine years and will continue in future years to come. This Music Festival provides an opportunity for Elementary/Middle chorus students and their directors to be challenged on many musical levels.  Students work as a team for their school and the glory of God. They are exposed to other Christian schools for community and fellowship, higher order music selections and the adjudication process. Poise and choral disciplines are incorporated during their regular chorus session in order to prepare for this event.

All State Elementary Chorus (4th/5th Grade Students)

Students who participate in the All State Music selection are students who represent CSCA at a state level.  Those who are chosen to participate, by their music instructor, must be in the Fourth and Fifth Grade Crusader Chorus. They   are not only gifted by God with musical talent, but must be strong in Christian character and confidence. This event goes through an audition process that is scripted, rehearsed, audio recorded and sent to a panel of adjudicators for selection. Those who are fortunate to be selected will go on to rehearse materials with their instructor for the All State Elementary Chorus. In January, of each year, they will attend the Florida All State Conference with their peers under the direction of a guest master conductor for rehearsals and a performance.