Visual Arts

Upper School Visual Arts

Parents want to know how our worldview influences their children’s education. Not only do we offer a strong Christian worldview in our curriculum, but it’s important to stay relevant in educational trends. Through Visual Arts, students are able to discover, develop, and showcase their creative talents.  In the current economy, the trend of businesses are moving away from the industrial and informational age and looking for workers who are skilled in concepts and creative thinking. The visual arts curriculum aids students in understanding that solutions to problems can best be answered by brainstorming, collaborating, demonstrating creativity, discriminating variety and quality in working toward solutions, and displaying an ability to synthesize, critique, and evaluate. These skills are directly transferable to the educational and workforce realm.

Parents and their students who are interested in the Visual Arts know that the development and vitality of the school’s programs are essential and equal to the opportunities their children will receive. Through the years, community exposure has included school-wide, city, and national art shows, regional and national contests, local murals, and of course, the success of our students in receiving scholarships and recognition. Currently eight students over the last five years have gone on to national art schools with scholarships ranging from thousands of dollars to a full four-year scholarship at the Savannah School of Art and Design.  Advanced Placement classes began in 2008 and the program has been very successful in obtaining high portfolio scores.

A gallery of artwork from some of our AP art students is below.