Crusader Athletics seeks to be the premier athletic program in South Florida that develops well-rounded athletes in a variety of sports; teaches young men and women to glorify God, attain their goals, and maximize their talents; creates a community of supporters inside and outside of the school body; and fosters a growth mindset among coaches, players, and supporters.

Athletic Director

On behalf of Coral Springs Christian Academy, welcome to Crusader Athletics.

Our vision at CSCA is one in which our student-athletes are led by godly men and women to compete at the highest level, glorifying and honoring God in everything they do, not only on the playing field, but also in the classroom and in the community.  We believe that athletics offer opportunities for young men and women to learn impactful lessons that will affect them throughout their lives, and to build lasting relationships.  Great coaches capitalize on the opportunities presented in athletics to assist parents in instilling a Bible-centered understanding of competition and leadership.

We seek not just for one team to succeed, but for every program within CSCA to be successful.  Our players, coaches, and fans should take pride in CSCA athletics as a whole, and while different programs will be successful at different levels and times, the whole of our program should not be defined by one or two programs’ successes or failures.

We hope that this website will provide you with all the necessary information to support and participate in Crusader Athletics.  If you have interests in volunteering, or in joining our Crusader Athletic Boosters, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Andy Holz

Athletic Director



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All Springs Sports Have Completed Their Seasons

Workout Schedules for the Summer will be Published Here Later This Week…

Go Crusaders!

USA Football Presents FUNdamentals Camp Hosted by LaMonte Coleman

CSCA has been selected to host a free football clinic on May 20th from 9am – 3pm, sponsored by USA Football in partnership with the NFL Players Association.  The event will be held on campus at Ken Holz Field.  Registration is from 8:00am – 8:45am.

This fun and free event is designed to introduce children to football by teaching basic skills in an exciting and energetic environment and is supported through a grant from the NFL Foundation.

For more information, visit the page below…

USA Football Presents FUNdamentals Camp Hosted by LaMonte Coleman


Weekly Athletics Update

Remember to check the Athletics page weekly for updated schedules and locations.  The “This Week in Crusader Athletics” tab provides a summary of all Crusader games for the week.

Good Afternoon Crusaders!

Good Afternoon Crusaders and Happy Mother’s Day to all of our mothers in the school!
Just a few reminders for this week:
USA Football Camp: Tomorrow (Monday 5/15/17) is the final day to sign up for the USA Football clinic that will be held on Saturday, May 20th from 9 am – 3 pm.  This is a free clinic open to all 6-18 year olds. Click here for more info and to signup..
Workouts: After school workouts will be held tomorrow and Wednesday from 3-5 pm.  Open gym for basketball (open to boys and girls in upper school) will be Tuesday from 3-4:30.  Volleyball open gym will be Monday from 4-5 pm.  The full summer open gym and open field schedule will be published this week for all sports offering open workouts this summer!
Crusader Fit Games:  This Friday will be the Crusader Fit Games from 4-5:30 in the gymnasium.  The competition is open to all students, parents, faculty, and alumni.  See the main office to sign up this week!
Go Crusaders!
Go Crusaders!

Andy Holz

Coral Springs Christian Academy

Athletic Director

954-205-9636 cell 


We are excited to announce that CSCA and Crusader Athletics has been selected to participate in the Home Team Advantage Program with Buffalo Wild Wings in Coral Springs.  Any time you visit the Coral Springs Buffalo Wild Wings, you can present the card included below (or just mention you are with CSCA) and 10% of your total bill will be donated back to Crusader Athletics.  This is a great program and we hope you will help us continue to promote Crusader Athletics in the local community.



Athletic Staff:

Fall Sports

Varsity: Andy Holz – caholz@csca.us

Middle School: Bjarne Bjorsvik – bbjorsvik@csca.us

Varsity: Andy Holz – caholz@csca.us
Varsity Assistant: Taylor Cameron – tcameron@csca.us


Middle School: TBA

Elementary:  Melanie Yunker – myunker@csca.us

Cross Country
Varsity: Brad Lindberg – blindbergh@csca.us

Varsity: Kendra Marks – themarks5@hotmail.com

Varsity:  Jason Paugh – jpaugh@csca.us

Winter Sports

Boys Basketball
Varsity: Gavin Felix – gfelix@csca.us
JV: Lloyd Hodges – lhodges@csca.us

Middle School: TBA
Elem: Jermaine Burbridge – jlbbray@gmail.com

Girls Basketball
Varsity Head Coach:  TBA

Middle School: TBA
Elem: TBA

Director of Soccer: Kellee Hunter – khunter@csca.us

Boys Soccer
Varsity Head Coach: Hedley Linton – hlinton@csca.us
Middle School: Bjarne Bjorsvik – bbjorsvik@csca.us

Girls Soccer
Varsity Head Coach: Alexis Sasso – asasso@csca.us

Middle School: TBA

Spring Sports

Varsity Head Coach – Steve Carp – s-carp@att.net


Varsity: TBA

Track & Field
Varsity: Brad Lindberg – blindbergh@csca.us

Middle School: TBA


Director of Cheer: Kymm Kerekes – kymmkerekes@aol.com
Varsity: Kymm Kerekes – kymmkerekes@aol.com

Middle School: TBA

Elementary: TBA

News and Updates

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Athletic Packet / Philosophy & Policies

As we gear up for the 2016-2017 school year, we are also rapidly approaching the start of our fall athletic season.  Several of our teams will begin practicing on August 1st and will be hard at work preparing for their first games of the year.   As a staff, we could not be more excited to help our athletes accomplish great things on and off the field of competition.  The link below contains the compete Athletics Information Packet for the 2016-2017 school year.  If your son or daughter has any interest in playing for a CSCA team this year, please take the time now to read through this informative packet.  All necessary forms are included in this packet, and several must be signed and returned before your son or daughter can begin competing with his or her team.  Also included is an overview of some of our key policies.  As always, more information is available and is constantly being updated on the Athletics page at coralspringschristianacademy.com.  Thank you for all of your support as we kick off a new year in Crusader Athletics!


Andy Holz
Athletic Director

Students, parents, coaches, and fans are to demonstrate Christian principles in all circumstances. It is expected that everyone associated with CSCA team sports will support and encourage our players as well as one another.
Our athletes are expected to try to play their very best with an appropriate Christian attitude at all times. They are expected to behave properly 
at school, at home, and on the playing field. They are expected to excel academically and spiritually as well as athletically. They are expected to be champions for Christ and positive role models.
All student athletes are expected to meet and, whenever possible, exceed the Standards for Excellence at CSCA. Parents and fans are expected to properly support and 
encourage all of our players and treat the other teams and officials with respect and dignity. Players, Parents, and Fans will be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. 

Any consequences for failing to meet these expectations will be determined by the CSCA Athletic Director and the Head Coach.

Coaches are expected to use each player’s gifts to allow the individual 
and the team to compete at the highest level. Our younger age teams will focus on fun, with playing time for all being evenly distributed. As the players move up, the competition will increase accordingly. Some players will start, others will be subs, and some 
may receive very little playing time. At the Varsity level, all parents and fans will support the philosophy that our best players will play. It is our belief that all games should be played to win with integrity, through a Christ-honoring approach.

All teams shall have a designated try-out period to be determined by the Head Coach. Players will be selected based on attitude, grades, “coach-ability”, and talent.
The number of players on a team will be large enough to have a strong competitive team, but not too large to deter from the individual attention each player deserves when playing on a school team. We do not want to “cut” anyone from a team; however, our coaches will choose those most qualified to represent the school in the particular activity.
CSCA is subject to FHSAA regulations regarding when teams can begin practice and/or begin playing games. Due to the nature of the FHSAA calendar, there will be an overlap between the FALL and WINTER seasons, and the WINTER and SPRING seasons. This overlap of seasons cannot be avoided. Therefore, for those who play more than one sport in consecutive seasons, please be aware of this challenge.
Students who are members of a fall sport team will be given permission to tryout for a winter team on a date that will be worked out between the two coaches.
Likewise, students who are members of a winter sport team will be given permission to tryout for a spring team on a date that will be worked out between the two coaches.
CSCA will follow the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) rule requiring students to maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA). Each student’s GPA will be checked at the end of each semester.

In order for a student to be eligible to participate in a school-sponsored event (practice, game, or other event), the student must not be unexcused from school, nor more than one hour late to school on the day of a practice, event, or game,

A student who is suspended from school may not participate in any practice/game during the time frame of the suspension. The Athletic Director will determine all other issues of ineligibility.

Any student athlete who quits a team after being named a member of that team will be ineligible to participate in the next season or sport.

The coach will distribute school team uniforms in the beginning of the season. It is the responsibility of the player to take proper care of the uniform and have it ready for games. Each coach will determine what is to be worn to school on game days. We expect student athletes to be in full compliance with the CSCA dress code at all times. All school team uniforms must be cleaned and returned at the end of the season. Lost or damaged uniforms are the responsibility of the player/parent.

As a Crusader Athlete, I will commit to:
Exemplary Christian Behavior.
  • Being a positive member of CSCA.
  • Practicing hard & playing fair.
  • Attend practices & games.
Fully support my teammates.
  • Fully support my coaches.
  • Fully using my God given talents.
Ephesians 6:11 
“Put on the whole armor of God, 
that you may be able to stand 
against the schemes of the devil.”


Participation and Consent Forms:

FHSAA Compliance:  The following forms must be submitted before your child participates in an athletic event (including practice) at school. New this year, the FHSAA is requiring all student-athletes to complete the course at the link below and print the Completion Certificate once the course is finished. Please complete these as soon as possible and submit them to Andy Holz so that your child may participate without delay.
The following forms are available on FHSAA.org.  Please click the links below to get the most up to date form.
Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Concussion FOR STUDENT-ATHLETES — Course 1: NFHS “Concussion in Sports”
Step 1: Go to www.nfhslearn.com.
Step 2: “Sign In” to your account using the email address and password you provided at time of registering for an nfhslearn account. OR If you do not have an account, “Register” for an account.
Step 3: Click “Courses” at the top of the page.
Step 4: Scroll down to “Concussions in Sports” from the list of courses. Step 5: Click “View Course”.
Step 6: Click “Order Course.”
Step 7: Select “Myself” if the course will be completed by you.
Step 8: Click “Continue” and follow the on-screen prompts to finish the checkout process. (Note: There is no fee for this course)
Step 9: Go to www.nfhslearn.com.
Step 10: “Sign In” to your account using the email address and password you provided at time of registering for an nfhslearn account.
Step 11: From your “Dashboard,” click “My Courses”.
Step 12: Click “Begin Course” on the course you wish to take. *Your course will launch on the same page of the web browser. **Click “Back to Dashboard” when ready to exit course. Be sure to print the certificate of completion at the end of the course as each school’s athletic department is required to keep a copy on file. For help viewing the course, please contact the help desk at NFHS. There is a tab on the upper right hand corner of www.nfhslearn.com. If you should experience any issues while taking the course, please contact the NFHS Help Desk at 1- 317-565-2023.


CSCA Golf Tryouts will be held on August 18th.  If you have any questions about the Golf program, please contact Coach Jason Paugh at jpaugh@csca.us or AD Andy Holz at caholz@csca.us.

CSCA Swimming tryouts will be held on August 18th..  If you have any questions about the Swimming program, please contact Coach Kendra Marks at themarks5@hotmail.com, or AD Andy Holz at caholz@csca.us.

CSCA Cross Country tryouts will be held on August 16th.  If you have any questions about the Cross Country program, please contact Coach Brad Lindbergh at blindbergh@csca.us or AD Andy Holz at caholz@csca.us.

CSCA Volleyball tryouts for Varsity and JV will be held on August 1st.  Tryouts for MS Volleyball & Elementary Volleyball will be held on August 16th.  If you have any questions about the Volleyball program, please contact AD & Head Coach Andy Holz at caholz@csca.us.

jv football 2
CSCA Football tryouts will be held on August 17th.  If you have any questions about the Football program, please contact AD/Head Coach, Andy Holz at caholz@csca.us.

Boys Basketball tryouts for MS and HS boys are on Thursday October 27.

Boys Basketball tryouts for Elem. boys are on Friday October 28.

For information on the Boys Basketball program, contact Head Coach Gavin Felix at gfelix@csca.us, or AD Andy Holz @ caholz@csca.us.

Girls Basketball tryouts for MS and HS girls are on Thursday 10/20.

Girls Basketball tryouts for Elem. girls are on Friday October 28.

For information on the Girls Basketball program, contact Head Coach Taylor Cameron at tcameron@csca.us, or AD Andy Holz @ caholz@csca.us.

Boys Soccer tryouts for MS and HS boys are on Friday October 14.

For information on the Boys Soccer program, contact Head Coach Hedley Linton at hlinton@csca.us, or AD Andy Holz @ caholz@csca.us.

Girls Soccer tryouts for MS and HS girls are on Monday October 10th.

For information on the Girls Soccer program, contact Head Coach Rebekah Fagiani at rfagiani@csca.us, or AD Andy Holz @ caholz@csca.us.

Baseball tryouts will be announced in the Winter.

For information on the Baseball program, contact Head Coach Steve Carp at s-carp@att.net, or AD Andy Holz @ caholz@csca.us.

Softball tryouts will be announced in the Winter.

For information on the Softball program, contact AD Andy Holz @ caholz@csca.us.

Track & Field tryouts will be announced in the Winter.

For information on the Track & Field program, contact Head Coach Brad  Lindbergh at blindbergh@csca.us, or AD Andy Holz @ caholz@csca.us.

Click here to download document

Cheerleading at CSCA is a dynamic and high energy program. Cheerleaders are selected based on their character and skills and their willingness and ability to be ambassadors for Christ and CSCA. We are proud of this tradition and are confident you will each represent the program with the true Spirit we see in your Hearts.


Listed below are the requirements for the 2016-2017 CSCA Cheerleading Squads.  Please review this complete document and work hard to master all of the skills listed below in order to be a Competitive Applicant for the 2016-2017 Spirit Squad tryouts which will be held the following dates:



Please join us in the gym for Varsity Cheer Tryouts for Basketball and Competitition Cheerleading.  Clinics will be held this week on Tuesday and Wednesday from 3-5, Thursday from 3-4:15 and Tryouts on Friday, 3-5 PM.  Season is officially underway with practices beginning next week.  If you have any questions please contact Coach Kerekes.  Thank you

STUNT SQUAD:  February 7-10, 2017




Cheerleading at CSCA is an activity that requires a lot of work and dedication.  As a cheerleader you will practice/workout/tumble/cheer at least 4-5 times per week.  You are expected to put the team above everything except your Spirituality and Academics. You will be a Spiritual Guide and mentor to our younger cheerleaders and an active participant in all Cheerleading Fundraising and Social events.  You are expected to manage your time well so not to neglect your spiritual and academic growth as they are fundamental aspects of being a dynamic CSCA Cheerleader. “Leadership is based on Spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow.”



Varsity Spirit Squad:  Co-Ed (Co-Ed teams must have 1 male to every 3 females) or all girl of 12-20      participants Max (9-12th Grade)

Cheer for Football and/or Basketball and other team sports

Varsity Competition:   Co-Ed or all Girl 12-16 participants.  Grades 7-12

Must cheer minimum of 4 Competitions

These participants are chosen between August and October and are made up of an elite few members.  The season officially begins October 10th with practices 4 days per week with performances at Pep Rally, Games, and 4 season competitions, 1 Regional Competition, 1 State Competition and 1 National competition.  Cheerleaders will participate in 6-10 Competitions in the months of (late November-Mid –January 31st).


VARSITY STUNT SQUAD: This is a new game day style program that runs similar to a basketball game where teams compete head to head in routine, stunt and jump technique.  Teams compete for points during 4 periods of game play with Officials and judges.  Winner is the team that scored the most points at the end of the 4 periods. 


Middle School:  All Girl of 12-20 participants max (6th-8th Grade). Cheer for Football & and/or basketball.  Guys 8th Grade can tryout for Varsity Squads in May.

Junior High Competition:  All girl of 12-20 participants Max (3rd-8th Grade) Competition Only.  Participants will be chosen in September and will practice through Basketball season.  They will compete in 3-4 major competitions (December-January)

Elementary:  All Girl only 12-20 members (3rd-5th grade…some exceptions for additional grades may be considered based on skill) BASKETBALL ONLY and eligible for Junior High Competition Squad.



The CSCA Cheerleading tryouts are broken down by Upper and Lower school.


UPPER SCHOOL TRYOUT PROCESS:  Upper School tryouts run for 4 days consisting of (3) preliminary clinics and one tryout.  During the Preliminary clinics participants will jump, stunt, tumble and learn Choreography and team Cheers & Chants and the coaches will assess the abilities, leadership skills and the potential of candidates for a position on the squads.  Actual attendance by candidates at the clinics is highly recommended as it is a big part of your overall score.  Persons who cannot attend the sessions (and have contacted a coach in advance of the session may be excused…detentions are not excused under any circumstances and will affect your overall standing).  During the clinics and Tryout, participants will start off in a practice-like setting and will be evaluated from the moment they arrive.  This procedure allows the coaches to see how the participant performs in our natural environment. On Tryout day, candidates will tryout in groups of 3 and will showcase Choreography, Cheer, Jumps and Tumbling.  Stunts will be reviewed and scored during the Practice Session.  Participants cannot tryout for Front spot, you must be able to base or backspot or be willing to learn these positions.


ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SPIRIT SQUAD EVALUATIONS:  The Lower School tryouts will be a two day tryout.  Participants will learn a chant and a jump during the two days.  This is an athletic sport so participants will be asked to run, jump, tumble, lift and hold each other during these evaluations and clinics.  Cheerleaders will be evaluated and selected in a practice like setting and will not have a formal tryout.  This allows coaches to see how the participant performs in our natural day to day environment and how comfortable they will be cheering in front of their peers.  Cuts for the elementary squad will only be made if we exceed a manageable amount of participants (16+) per coach and will be based on the participants overall evaluation scores averaged between the two days.  It is important participants come prepared and cheer ready.




Candidates wishing to tryout for a position on the CSCA Cheerleading Squads must meet the following minimum standards:


  1. Be enrolled at CSCA for the current School Year
  2. Have an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher
  3. Must not be on disciplinary probation
  4. Have sufficient physical fitness, strength, and athletic skills to perform the Cheerleading activities described below
  5. Have a completed FHSAA physical and participant contest forms.  These documents can be found on the FHSAA website
  6. Have completed a baseline concussion test.
  7. Varsity must be in 9-12 grade.  Exceptions will be made ONLY if we do not have the number of participants with the skills required to fill a team.  Middle School Cheerleaders can be moved up to Junior Varsity and/or Varsity Competition Squads based on additional skills required for competition squads (Competition Squads will not be selected until first week in October).  Any Middle School candidate Coaches choose to move to a Varsity team as alternate or other will need to cheer with the Varsity squad during selected Varsity Games.
  8. Middle Spirit Squad participants must be 6-8th Grade.
  9. Junior High Competition will be a combination of 3rd-7th Grade and will be based on Skills.  This selection will not be made until Late August.
  10. All Varsity and Middle School Cheerleaders will be required to attend Cheer Camp in the Summer.  Dates are normally the July 6-9; however this is subject to change.  Information will be provided once team selections have been completed.






TUMBLING (is recommended):  Standing Back Handspring, Working on Standing Back Tuck and Round-off back handspring working on adding Back Tuck, Toe Touch Back Handspring.  Classes will be offered to work on obtaining tumbling skills and will be mandatory during the season; however, tumbling is not required to make the squad.


STUNTS (either all girl or co-ed)

Participants must base, back or fly in the following skills: (you cannot tryout as a front spot)

  1. Straight-up extension
  2. Ground-up Liberty, full down
  3. Heel stretch, full down
  4. other one-leg stunt, full down
  5. 2-position Basket Toss (ball X, Toe Arch, Kick Full, Pike Arch, Double Up)




Participants must complete a Double jump combination during their Cheer routine. During the tryout process, participants will be evaluated on the skills listed above, their attitude and ability to take direction and critique, their ability to remember routines, and their overall presence.  Interviews with all candidates will be conducted by the CSCA Cheerleading Coaches in the weeks leading up to tryouts.




Girls:  9 minute mile, Bench press 50% of your body weight 3 sets of 8, Lunge the length of the Basketball Court 2 times, do 50 V-Ups without stopping, Curl- 3 sets of 20- Flyers 10 lbs; bases 15 lbs, complete 35 pushups in 1 minute


Boys: 8 minute mile, Bench Press lesser of your body weight or 135 lbs 6 times, Lunge the length of the basketball court 3 times, 100 sit ups without stopping, Curl- 3 sets of 10: 30 lbs, 50 pushups in 1 minute



TUMBLING (is recommended):  Cheerleaders will be asked to attend a tumbling class of their choice one day per week to work on their skills. It is highly recommended they add one day per week on their own time as well.


STUNTS (either all girl or co-ed)

Participants must base, back or flyer in the following skills, you cannot tryout as a front spot

  1. Straight-up extension
  2. Cradle
  3. Prep Level Liberty Cradle



Participants must complete a Double jump combination during their routine. During the tryout process, participants will be evaluated on the skills listed above, their attitude and ability to take direction and critique, their ability to remember routines, and their overall presence.  Interviews with all candidates will be conducted by the CSCA Cheerleading Coaches in the weeks leading up to tryouts.


Elementary School



Girls:  11 minute mile, Lunge the length of the Basketball Court 2 times, 20 pushups in 1 minute, 50 sit ups without stopping



TRYOUT SCHEDULE: “Making the Most of your Time”-Ephesians 5:16

(Upper School Varsity and Middle School and all participants interested in participating on Competition Squads)…Please note Lower School will only do a One Day Clinic Day 1 and a Tryout the following day.  A Parent meeting will be announced following the tryout.


Day 1 Clinic

3:00-3:15 Informational Meeting and Devotion

3:15-3:30 Run (9 minute mile & Stretch)

3:30-4:00 Stunts, Jumps, tumble

4:00-4:45 Routine Work

4:45-5:00 Conditioning/Drills


Day 2 Clinic

3:00-3:15 Informational Meeting and Devotion

3:15-3:30 Run (9 minute mile & Stretch)

3:30-4:00 Stunts, Jumps, tumble

4:00-4:45 Routine Work

4:45-5:00 Conditioning/Drills


Day 3 (Evaluation of overall Practice Participation)

3:00-3:15 Informational Meeting and Devotion

3:15-3:30 Run (9 minute mile & Stretch)

3:30-4:00 Stunts, Jumps, tumble

4:00-4:45 Routine Work

4:45-5:00 Conditioning/Drills

5:00-6:00 Varsity Candidate Interviews


Day 4

3-3:30 JV Warm Up, Team Stunts, choreo, cheer

3:30-4:15  JV Tryouts

4:15-4:45  Varsity Warm-up

4:45- 5:30  Varsity Tryouts


Day 5 Team Announcements & Parent Meeting

6:00-6:30 Varsity Parent Meeting



Each participant will be given a number at the beginning of the clinics.  The numbers of the participants selected will posted the following day after tryouts in the display case next to the girls locker room and on the bulletin board on the 2nd floor of the Upper School.  Those candidates that make the squads will be asked to attend a short meeting to get sized for uniforms, shoes and practice clothes.  We will work on goal sheets for the upcoming season in one on ones the week following tryouts. Cheerleaders will meet during the summer months for conditioning sessions and workouts in preparation for camp.  All candidates who make the squads will be required to attend summer camp.  Camp dates will be announced at the meeting.  If you travel during the summer, it is your responsibility to ensure you are working to meet your goals during your travels to ensure you are prepared for Camp.  Practices will be 3-4 days per week.  Days may alternate and times will be based on gym availability.  More information will be distributed at the meeting.



Kymm Kerekes, Director of Cheer & Dance, Varsity & JV Competition Team Coach, Varsity Spirit Coach




Lori Murphy, Middle School Cheer Coach, Football & Basketball Cheer, 954-818-1047 msmurphy123@aol.com or lmurphy@csca.us


Melanie Yunker, Elementary School Cheer & Dance Coach, 954-803-7735 myunker@csca.us


Brendan Teeters I can honestly say that CSCA gave me an incredibly unique learning experience academically, socially, and athletically that I don’t think I could have received anywhere else.  At Coral Springs Christian, I was able to take multiple college level courses through Advanced Placement and receive college credit, putting me ahead after I graduated! The academic, rigorous yet helpful, classes helped creat lasting bonds of friendship for me among my classmates. As I was busy trying to keep up with the workload of all my courses, I was always able to connect with my fellow classmates because of the closely knit family-like atmosphere that administration helped create. The faculty not only encouraged me socially and academically but also athletically. As a year-around competitive swimmer, I was slightly worried when I first arrived at CSCA. I didn’t think that I was going to be able to get the same opportunity as many high school swimmers to compete on a school swim team because of a lack of interest in the sport. Luckily, the Athletic Director and administration helped me create a swim team for the sole purpose of me competing at the high school level. In the two years that I represented the Crusaders in the pool, I was able to compete at states back-to-back. Because of this opportunity I was recognized by the Sun-Sentinel in their annual All-County sports publication. I also was able to sign with Gardner-Webb University, a Division 1 school, for swimming and receive a Full Tuition scholarship based off of a combination of my academic and athletic achievements. As I am excited to carry on in life and enter the real world, I will always look back at CSCA with fond memories of my once-in-a-lifetime experiences and lasting friendships.

Sebastian Bolivar- Coral Springs Christian Academy was my home for the past three years of my life as a student-athlete. I made some great friendships with many students, teachers and coaches. I was able to graduate with an Honors Diploma and received credit for 3 college courses by taking AP Classes. Playing Varsity Soccer at CSCA was definitely an experience that I cherish and will remember for the rest of my life. Being captain of the team my junior and senior year and helping the younger players on the team develop their skills as well as their passion for this sport was a true honor and fulfilling experience. While playing for CSCA, I received All-Conference Honors my junior and senior year, along with two of my teammates Eliot Gray and Josh Palhano. In the middle of our season, I was also recruited and received a max-offer scholarship from Dodge City Community College in Kansas to be able to continue playing at the next level which I accepted. Coach Linton and Coach Hines helped not only myself but every single one of my teammates, sometimes working with each player individually during practice, to better our footwork, endurance, and soccer IQ. Our team was encouraged to run track and cross country in the offseason to better the fitness of each individual and has a summer training camp program to better each player’s skills for the upcoming season. Our coaches are extremely dedicated to our players and that is what makes the Varsity Soccer team a family.

Julia Lindbergh- Attending Coral Springs Christian Academy has blessed me in many aspects; however, sports has been very close to my heart. Starting in elementary school I played all different sports but volleyball always stuck out to me. Now as I move on to play in college I am so thankful for all of the long hours coaches put in with me to push me to be the best I could, the dedicated fans that showed up to every game, and the amazing parents and staff that never let you down when you needed something. Playing volleyball at CSCA has taught me so many lessons that make me excited to go to this next phase in my life because I feel very prepared. On my signing day I looked around and was so thankful for all of the people there who helped me arrive at that point. Playing CSCA volleyball has been an unforgettable memory with numerous great lessons on and off the court