From the Desk of the Head of School – Nov 2017


Mid-October to mid-February is always one of the busiest times in the life of the school each year. These few months hold many of our “major” school activities and events. It is my sincere hope you and your family will make plans to become involved with as many of these events and activities as possible.

As we prepare for this special time, I would like to share a few thoughts with you as well as sharing with you a few reminders.

October usually features our Annual Cornerstone Banquet. This event is an opportunity for us to “showcase” CSCA and what the Lord is doing here. We highlight the accomplishments of our students, staff and alumni. A highlight of the evening is when we present the CSCA Faithful Servant Award. This award is given to individuals who both serve the Lord faithfully and have impacted the CSCA Community. This year we had two recipients, Mrs. Dyan Harpest and Mr. Chad Martens. To read more about our recipients and the banquet, click this link.

This past week, CSCA held our Veteran’s Day Chapel. We are so grateful to Mr. Adolfo Bonafoux, a CSCA grandparent and a veteran of the United States Navy, Mr. Chad Martens, a CSCA parent and an active member of the United States Air Force and Mr. David Foster, a CSCA employee and also a member of the United States Air Force. Our chapel speaker was Rev. Dean Williams. Rev. Williams is a CSCA Alumni parent, a veteran of the United States Navy and currently the Chairman of the CSCA School Board. To read more about our chapel ceremony, and to see pictures, please read the CSCA Newsletter from this week.

According to Wikipedia, “Homecoming” is an annual tradition which began in the 19th century, and is a time to welcome back alumni and it usually involves a central athletic contest. Homecoming traditions often include the “crowning” of a Homecoming Court, a dance, dress-up days, pep rallies and competitions. For almost 20 years, CSCA has fulfilled this definition, making “Homecoming” a very special week on our calendar.

Although many of the activities and events of Homecoming are geared to the high school, we try to make it a special time for the entire school. Please click on the link this link to read more details about the 2017 Homecoming Schedule & Events.

Right on the heels of Homecoming is Thanksgiving. I love Christmas, everything about Christmas. Therefore, if I am not careful, I can pass right over Thanksgiving and the purpose for this time of year.

Recently I reread an article by Pastor John MacArthur titled “Rekindling the Gratitude,” in which he reminded me that the Thanksgiving season is a wonderful time to heighten our sensitivity to the blessings bestowed by God.

In the article he says that Thanksgiving is supposed to grab our attention, shake loose the cobwebs and remind us of all God’s most precious gifts. Thanksgiving should hold a special place in our heart. It should rekindle in all of us a true God-centered gratitude, a gratitude our Lord demands and deserves-the kind that should readily be on our lips year-round.”

Christmas seems to be right around the corner, and therefore, so are the many CSCA Christmas concerts and events. For a complete listing of the Christmas concerts, please click here. CSCA Christmas Concert and Events Listing

In addition to our Christmas concerts, we will be starting two new Christmas traditions here at the school, a CSCA Tree Lighting and the CSCA Christmas Blessing Project.

To read more about these two new traditions, please click this link. Another email with more information regarding these new traditions will be coming out in the next few days as well.

When we return from Christmas break, things do not slow down for the CSCA Community. January 19th is our annual Grandparents Day and is also the date for a new CSCA event called “CSCA Heart for the Arts” and the theme this year is “An Evening of Elegance”.

In the next week or so, an email will be coming out with details regarding these events as well as our Annual Country Fair which will take place in early February.

I realize all these events and activities can seem overwhelming. However, I do hope you will plan to be actively involved in as many of these events and activities as you can. I look forward to seeing you and to sharing in the fun and fellowship over these next few months.

Serving Him,

Joseph E. Sanelli
Head of School