Summer Camp Kicks Off With a Fun Filled Week

Dear Crusader Summer Camp Families,

We had a great first week of summer camp! Despite of the weather, our campers engaged in many activities throughout the week. In our S.T.E.M. Station, the children were challenged to build a standing tower and to construct a floating boat. S.T.E.M. Education utilizes interdisciplinary skills from Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to engage kids in inquiry and solution-based learning. By challenging kids to explore, create, inquire, observe relationships, predict outcomes, and find solutions to problems, STEM Education promotes critical thought processes that kids can then apply to their everyday world. In our ART station we introduced the students to Edvard Munch, whom is widely known for his iconic pre-Expressionist painting, “The Scream”. The campers were exposed to variety of the paintings by the artist, and they were able to create their own “Scream” masterpiece. In our Robotics station, campers were able to apply simple math concepts like addition and subtraction, as well as more advanced concepts like proportions. These concepts affected how a robot responded to its environment. In sports this week, we played basketball and kickball. Drama, Chapel and Devotions were also a part of our daily schedule. We also had a visit from The Wacky Wild Science Lab, which consisted of a presentation of live marine invertebrates for students to interact with including: horseshoe crabs, sea stars, sea urchins, and more. Students saw how all shells have or had a living animal inside, and understood the difference between shells and coral. They learned how important invertebrates are to the underwater food chain as they decompose matter. On Thursday, we had a blast at Sawgrass Lanes and on Friday, we enjoyed fun gym activities, including a bounce house and slide!
Mrs. Cosenza