Welcome to CSCA Swimming

Welcome to CSCA Swimming!   This small but dynamic team is back in the water again preparing to make a SPLASH for  CSCA!  For the fifth year in a row our CSCA Varsity Swim Team is aiming for Districts, Regionals & States. In 2013 and in 2014, CSCA Varsity Swimming was represented in the finals at States by Brendan Teeters (2015), who is now swimming at the college level.

While competitive swimming is a very technical sport that requires hours in the water, it is also a great season sport for high school athletes desiring cross-training for other winter or spring sports. There are various opportunities to train with a club swim team or at a local pool to prepare for the FHSAA season of competition.  Don’t miss this opportunity – ask NOW how YOU can be part of another winning team at CSCA!

For more information on the CSCA Swim Team, contact:

Kendra Marks – themarks5@hotmail.com

Offseason Workouts

Swimmers are responsible for practicing on their own during the week. All those interested in joining the team for the fall should be in the water swimming a workout a minimum of three times per week.

Below are some suggestions:

Coral Springs Swim Club


12441 Royal Palm Blvd  CS 33065


Pompano Piranhas


820 NE 18th Ave.  Pompano 33060


TS Aquatics  


Tamarac, FL